Friday, December 21, 2012

Henry's New Harness

Notes From Henry's World

Henry will get a bone under the Christmas Tree but most of his gifts came from the French Bulldog Rescue Network Store. The proceeds go to help French Bulldogs get medical care and fine new and loving homes. I wanted to find a way to support them and still give Henry useful gifts.  I ordered him a fleece coat and this flashy purple harness. He seems delighted with both. He will have a good Christmas this year, gnawing on a bone and hanging around in the studio with Mom after breakfast. It will be good to have a quiet day in the painting studio together. 

Henry says Merry Christmas to all of his French Bulldog friends around the world!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Henry in the Painting Studio

Henry in the Painting Studio

Notes From Henry's World

Henry likes to hang around the studio and help me paint. He runs this studio like a general. No goofing off allowed for Mom. Of course it's perfectly alright for Henry to snuggle in his bed and take three hour naps while Mom paints.

Now that the weather is cooler, he is feeling quite good and frisky. We go out in his play yard every afternoon and chase his tennis ball around the yard together. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Henry Gets Out to Play

Notes From Henry's World

After a long, hot humid rainy summer we are still dodging the heat and rain almost mid October. We have had a day or two that have been cool and dry but few and far between. I hope we wont be sweating on Halloween.

Henry spends most of his time in the painting studio or in the house chillin! He can't take much heat and has only been to Fair Oaks once since last April.. He was there about two weeks ago for half a day. He misses the adventures so much when it is hot. He can't wait to get in Leroy, his truck and head out as soon as the weather cools and dries up a bit. Henry owns the back seat area of Leroy. He has set up his mini-RV back there with a water dish and his toys. He has a blanket on the seat for comfort.He is a first class car dog and loves to ride.

 For the last few nights it has been cool enough for me to get out in his play pen and throw the ball for him. It makes him so happy.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Henry Visits His Peeps at the Vet Clinic

Henry with Dr Jones and vet tech Mario

Notes From Henry's World

Henry has a wonderful Dr and clinic in Alachua, FL, Hilltop Animal Hospital.

Henry is a super star as everyone knows. He goes to the vet for his check up once a year. The clinic staff goes on full alert when he comes, running out to greet Henry with treats, pets and belly rubs. He gets his nails and hair done at this fun salon and brushes off the annoying shots and pokes. He is in awesome shape which is appropriate for the world champion of sleeping. He just returned from London where he won Gold in the sleeping competition. Henry's World is good indeed!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Henry Has Wheels

Notes From Henry's World

Henry's world is pretty quiet in May-September. he has to stay home in the cool AC due to breathing difficulties in heat. He did want to show you his new wheels though. We have named our old truck Leroy. Henry has the whole back seat staked out for his new mobile home. There are a couple of little jump seats in the back which will give him a nice rest bed and allow him to look out the back window when we get him back on the road this fall.

In the mean time he is supervising Mom in her home studio two days a week. He has his own single bed in the studio for comfort.

He will resume his busy schedule in October, when the weather cools off.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Henry Inspects Mom's Painting

Henry Inspects One of Mom's Paintings

Henry and Mom have had a whirlwind spring. Mom has been on the road doing her art stuff and Henry has held down the fort at home. It's getting too hot to go out much for Henry. He doesn't tolerate heat very well, so he will stay home for the summer months. This is his little day bed at Mom's painting studio behind the house. Most of the year he goes to Mom's Loft Studio in Gainesville, but in summer he spends more time in the painting studio. The floors are concrete and cool. He likes to get on his day bed and snooze while Mom paints. Henry somehow turned 4 years old in March. It doesn't seem possible.

Dog Safety Tips for Families- from: Pet Peoples Place

Owning a dog can be a lot of fun, but it is also a big responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.  Keeping your dog healthy and safe while also ensuring the safety of your family and other people is important.  The dog safety tips for families that follow will help you to get the most enjoyment out of your four-footed friend. 

Proper Dog Training
Keeping your dog safe around other people and other dogs and animals requires that your dog is trained and socialized properly.  Should your dog end up biting someone, you can be sued, fined, and arrested, depending on the laws in your state.  What’s more, many states require that dogs that bite be euthanized.  Learning your dog to sit, stay, heel, and so on can make a big difference in how well you can control your dog when a situation arises and the dog becomes aggressive.  For example, if your dog learns to “come” when you command, then you can easily call the dog back to you if the dog runs out into the middle of the street where he might be injured by a passing vehicle, or if he charges at the delivery guy who comes to the door to bring you a package. Further, socializing the dog by taking him around a variety of people and other animals is important because it allows your dog to develop the skills that he needs to keep his cool around strangers.  Socializing your dog from the time he is a puppy forward is best practice. 
Restraining Your Dog
Most areas of the country have so-called “leash laws” that have been enacted to ensure that others are not harmed by your dog and that your dog is not harmed by hazards like traffic, other dogs, or careless people.  Know and obey the leash laws and other laws regarding dogs in your area.  Even if your area does not require that dogs be leashed while in public, leashing your dog is invariably a good idea when you are out and about. It will keep your dog from running off while also helping you to maintain control of the dog.  Most vets recommend a standard retractable leash with around a six foot lead.  Learn how to safely use the leash and use it each time you take your dog out. 
Enclosures for Your Dog
Retraining your dog while outdoors might also involve the use of outdoor enclosures.  It is never a good idea to leave your dog tethered outside all day long, alone.  This can lead the dog to become overly aggressive and in some locations, it is illegal to do so.  Outdoor cables or tie-outs are also potentially dangerous to the dog as the dog can become entangled in this type of contraption and become choked or asphyxiated.  A better outdoor enclosure for your dog’s safety and to keep him properly restrained is an outdoor fence enclosure or dog run.  But even with the use of this type of enclosure, always supervise your dog when he is outside.  Depending on where you live in the U.S., you may need to provide more extensive enclosures when your dog is outside.  For instance, if you live in Ohio, certain dog breeds, like the pit bull or Rottweiler, are required to be confined in a fenced in yard with a locking gate.  Check with your local animal control officer if you are unsure about what is required in your area. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Henry Stirs Up the Neighborhood

Notes From Henry's World

Henry loves to hang around in the yard and stir up the other dogs. He barks in every direction, waiting for them to hear him. One by one they join in until I hear a chorus from low to high pitched yips. As soon as he stirs them all up, he goes over to find a spot in the sun and lays down for a nap. What a little clown he is!! He makes me laugh every day.